Since 1986

Archtop Guitars

New Yorker Model


Acoustic Guitars

Models: Orchestra Model, The Auditorium Series, The Dreadnaught Series
Options: Inlay, Rosette, Cutaway, Florentine, Woods

Classical Guitars

Made using Spanish technique
Guitar Weight - approx. 1450 - 1500 grams
Options: Concert, Flamenco, or Standard
Models: Herman Hauser, Hernandez y Aguado, Ignacio Fleta, Robert Bouchet, Daniel Friedrich, Jose Romanillos, Santos Hernandez (Flamenco)


Ender's Guitars

All guitars are fully handmade. Standard features include: general tonal qualities, high quality ebony fingerboards and bridges, North Eastern Anatolian Spruce or Canadian Cedar tops, three-piece Honduras Mahogany necks reinforced with Ebony or Rosewood, Indian Rosewood backs and sides, Gotoh tuning machines, hardwood binding, wood or abalone rosette, bone nuts and saddles, and French polish finishes.

When Ender makes his guitars he applies great consideration to the following qualities of his guitars:

  1. Power
  2. Sustain
  3. Uniformity of sound level of each note
  4. Timbre (quality of the voice)
  5. Balance between bass and treble
  6. Evenness of sound
  7. Ease of difficulty of playing the instruments
  8. Response and sensitivity
  9. Attack of the sound; biting, audible, or slight
  10. Contrast of tones
  11. Dynamic range
  12. Sympathetic resonances (present or not)
  13. Degree of clarity in polyphony