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Creating a Command-Based CLI in PowerShell

How to create a cross platform CLI using simple powershell scripts.

How to Run Dotnet Test Alongside Docker Compose in GitLab CI/CD

Run dotnet test as a GitLab CI job, but have it connect to running containers started by docker-compose inside the docker container that GitLab CI/CD uses for its test runner.

How to become a Master Text Wrangler with Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are tools built into almost every text processing application to help you find, replace, and manipulate text in bulk.

Low Quality Image Placeholders with PowerShell and ImageMagik

Loading LQIPs before lazy loading full size images can speed up page loads while keeping a decent user experience. PowerShell can help automate the creation of LQIPs in bulk.

Cherry Logging Git Branches

Use --cherry with git log when comparing Git branches to ignore shared merge commits.

Analogy for the Web

What is the web?

Comparing Git Branches

Git commands to compare branches before merges or deployments.

How to Deploy Anything in IIS with Zero Downtime on a Single Server

Utilize the blue green deployment pattern in IIS with Application Request Routing to acheive zero downtime deployments of any IIS hosted application on a single server.

How to Start Linting Javascript

There are better ways to validate Javascript than to watch it fail when it runs.

Managing Multiple Local Changesets with SVN

Local branching is very easy with Git, but with Subversion some magic is needed to manage local changesets.

Understanding the Shortcut for Array.prototype.slice

Wrapping my head around

Quick Javascript Inheritance

Using jQuery.extend to create quick and dirty inheritance.

Why I Wrote a Javascript Style Guide

My reasoning for writing my own style guide instead of choosing to use one of the many excellent style guides that already exist.

Run Javascript in Command Prompt with WSH

Running javascript in a system console makes you feel like a much more powerful web developer.